Due to my mother owning the breed since 1963, I was infact born into a Whippet household and was taken to shows when very young, sitting on benches at all breed open shows, next to Standard Dachshunds who barked a lot & frightened me to death!

From around 1974 to 1982 shows took a back seat, as my mother was unable to drive and unfortunately was not able to get to the shows.

Just before Christmas of 1978 a little Red fawn Whippet puppy, Nempnetts Red Kite ~ Zelda, had come to live with us after the loss of Springetts Tracie’s Maid ~ Tatty, the Miniature Poodle. Spring of 1981 came and we as children, asked if Zelda could have puppies, this was to our joy & amazement agreed and we visited our long term friends Arnold & Daphne Raines of Tumblers Whippets and used Tumblers Dusky Thorn. Six pups were the result of this mating, a very even litter being 3 pairs of each sex, 2 red fawn parti’s with black mask, 2 fawn parti’s with blue mask & 2 fawns one with black mask, one with blue mask. The best bitch was sold to a show home being Sylvia Brookes of Silveeze Whippets, this was I’m A Merry Dancer at Silveeze ~ Katie who was Dog World Top Brood bitch 1989. All but one puppy was sold from Zelda’s litter a little fawn parti with blue mask Dusky Maiden ~ Dusky.


Tormor whippets began with my first & foundation whippet Spanish Steps ~ Jilly bought as a present for me August 1986. I had been handling whippets long before that though in Junior Handling, starting at ‘proper’ shows in 1983 with Zelda and her daughter Dusky.


The Crufts of 1989 was one of my most memorable, Gwaihir Cinnabar ~ Beth was shown by me in Kennel Club Junior Organisation under Judge Group Captain ‘Beefy’ Sutton OBE. Beth won this class meaning I was to go back on the last day, back to Earls Court to challenge the other 3 days winners in the main ring. Unfortunately we didn’t get any further but an experience not to forget.


In April 1989 Jilly had her first litter sired by Ch Tawny Knight at Hutaka. This mating produced 7 puppies 1 dog & 6 bitches. The dog Spanish Knight ~ Flint & a blue brindle bitch Little Polvier ~ Cloud was kept.

August 1990 Jilly to my extreme surprise & pleasure won a RCC at Welsh Kennel Club under Hon. Judge Argyle. Not bad for a puppy from a pet litter & bought out the back of a van!


April 1992 the Affix Tormor was granted, this being an affix which my mother was going to apply for in the very early 1970’s. Tormor was decided upon mainly because my place of birth was a village close to Glastonbury. Glastonbury Tor overlooks Glastonbury Moor. Tormor was also the herd name of our Pedigree British White & Dairy Shorthorn cattle.


July 1992 Little Polvier won a CC at Paignton under Marion Spavin


August 1992 Jilly’s second litter was born, sired by Ch Wyemere Director, 2 dogs & 3 bitches. This was the first litter to carry the Tormor affix , T Spanish Director ~ Jasper was kept by Diane & I kept T One More Step ~ Ginny & T  Touch Of Silk ~ Jasmin.

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